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I’m sitting on an airplane en route to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to meet some of our Luxus Vacation Properties (LVP) owners. I’ve always enjoyed the anticipation that comes with take-off. A signal of new places, new faces and a spirit of adventure. And while – at a balmy -14C I’d rather be visiting an LVP property, (the Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica sounds pretty good right now…) I am very much looking forward to meeting some of our owners in Saskatoon. A great example of a Northern city filled with resilient, welcoming, and entrepreneurial families.

Taking off, I’m smiling as I reflect on some of the interviews and focus groups that I’ve been conducting as of late with our owners in an effort to gain their perspective on what’s going well and how we can improve. Through this process, it’s certainly become apparent to me that, while we certainly have room to improve (and have received some awesome suggestions from our owners on this), we have absolutely created something special here at Luxus.

In my previous life in the marketing consulting business, we would often ask our clients to identify a) their strengths, b) what makes them unique and c) what their clients need from them. Where these three attributes overlap, there exists a special advantage. The proverbial secret sauce that is extremely difficult to replicate, and that motivates, inspires and attracts. Based on our conversations so far, I am beginning to understand, from our owners’ perspectives, what this might look like for Luxus.

It will take some time to properly reflect on this, but I think a conversation with one of our families, a successful dentist and his wife from Edmonton provided me with an excellent starting point.

“We love Luxus for so many reasons but to narrow it down, it all stems from the special feeling that we experience when we walk through one of the properties’ entrances with our guests and family members. There’s an immediate sense of relief – like we’ve arrived at our home away from home. The kitchen is well stocked, the bedding is in excellent condition and the family before us has usually left a few extra bottles of wine for us to enjoy. If we’re bringing new guests, we have a sense of pride, pride that only comes with ownership. And then we get giddy with that wonderful sense of anticipation for the life-long memories that we are about to create together.”

I’m looking forward to more conversations like these when I land here shortly in Saskatoon, and I can’t wait to become more deeply ingrained in this special community of owners, investors, adventurers, vacationers and travellers.

Meanwhile, if you are a Luxus owner and would like to offer some additional feedback, please reach out! And if you are new to our site but curious about what we’ve been up to and what we have to offer, our door is always open. Visit the Luxus Vacation Properties page and take a look at a small sample of our properties.

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