Equity Investment

Luxus private equities provide solutions for families seeking global diversification beyond traditional stocks and bonds.


Our thoughtful, consultative investment process and customized planning services provide access to lifestyle markets with high barriers to entry. We’re proud of our work to continually innovate and diversify our footprint by sourcing new and exciting offerings for our clients in the global market.

Investment Opportunities


This legacy and development project connects investors with the best of Italian life through acquisition of top-quality, ancient farm homes for restoration in the most desirable regions of Tuscany. With the help of our trusted local and international brokerage partners, we’re currently building a small group of investors with a passion for Italy and its culture to initiate this project.

This fund is currently active but is open to investment by invitation only.

Closed Investment

With our experience and expertise managing Luxus Vacation Properties, we also create syndicated opportunities for small groups of shareholders to enjoy and experience as part of their private co-ownership benefits.

The Residences of Laule’a

We brought together a small group of investors to raise the capital required to initiate this development project amidst the world-class resort of Mauna Lani on the Big Island of Hawaii. Only a few homes out of 17 total properties now remain available for sale in Laule’a, with each home retailing between $2 and $4 million.

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Podere Panico

Capital required to purchase and restore this centuries-old Tuscan ruin was raised by a small group of investors with a shared passion and value for preserving genuine Italian life. Completed in 2016, Podere Paníco is now a home-away-from-home for its small group of co-owners and the lucky retail guests who rent this one-of-a-kind property each year.

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Ena Lake Lodge

A limited group of investors with a shared passion for fishing and the outdoors acquired and converted this asset to a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive fishing and outdoors experience in Northern Canada. Pristine, private and authentic, this asset is now enjoyed exclusively by its investors and a handful of outside retail guests every year.

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