Investment opportunities and custom vacation experiences beyond the imaginable.

Diversifying portfolios. Enriching Lives.

The Luxus approach to private co-ownership offers the opportunity to globally diversify with an enriched lifestyle.

We provide small groups of investors with equity positions in a portfolio comprised of luxury properties in the world’s most sought-after vacation destinations. Delivering freedom and flexibility alongside hassle-free consistency and luxury, the offerings we source prioritize equity and quality in ownership.

Open Opportunities

Luxus Vacation Properties

Current and emerging private co-ownership offerings are available to investors through Luxus Vacation Properties, a collective asset ownership group for luxury properties around the world. With two distinct collections, we offer a range of lifestyle opportunities to fit the unique needs of each partner. Luxus Vacation Properties provides a balance for those who desire a unique financial investment and a lifestyle filled with extraordinary holidays.

Luxus Vacation Properties

Closed Opportunities

With our experience and expertise managing Luxus Vacation Properties, we also create syndicated opportunities for small groups of shareholders to enjoy and experience as part of their private co-ownership benefits.


Capital required to acquire and restore this masterful centuries-old Tuscan farmhouse was raised by a small group of investors with a shared passion and value for preserving genuine Italian life. Podere Paníco is now a Tuscan home-away-from-home for its group of co-owners and their family and friends every year.

Discover Podere Panico

Ena Lake Lodge

A small group of investors raised the capital to acquire and convert this asset to a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive fishing and outdoors experience in Northern Canada. Secluded, serene and authentic, this fly-in experience is now available almost exclusively in private allotments to its investors and their family and friends through the spring, summer and fall.

This project may open up additional ownership interests in the near future. If you have a passion for fishing and are interested in learning more, contact a Luxus Representative.

Discover Ena Lake Lodge

LVP: Closed Opportunity

Luxus Vacation Properties offer balance and a range of lifestyle opportunities to fit the unique needs of each partner. Our experience in professional property acquisition and management has provided investors with unique financial investments and enriched lifestyles for more than a decade.

As we approach each Partnership’s Horizon Date, we are proud to continue offering new opportunities that best serve our strong and growing group of partners who share our passion and core values for lifestyle investing.