Luxus Group

The Luxus Story

The Luxus Group began with the Founding Family's desire to find a solution that would meet their lifestyle and financial needs.

With a passion for travel, the Petasky family first vacationed in hotels. While their experiences were memorable, they often found that the simple comforts of home were missing. This led them to explore vacation rentals, only to be disappointed by the lack of quality and inconsistent standards. Eventually, they invested in their own vacation home, but found that the cost of running the property far outweighed their usage, which was lower than expected. Because of this, they experienced an overwhelming obligation to travel to a singular destination to have it all make sense. There had to be a better way.

At the same time that this was happening, the world plunged into a recession and there appeared to be incredible opportunities to purchase high-end recreational real estate at generational lows. It was at this time they began to explore the concept of what Luxus would eventually become.

In researching different styles of vacation ownership, they felt that they were getting closer. However, key elements that were important to them as a family were still missing. Once all the parameters were laid out, it finally made sense. Take the most desirable attributes of all current vacation models and meld them together to form a unique, tightly-held, invitation-only equity group. This investment group would combine the highest quality standards, luxury, flexibility and long-term financial benefits for its Owners.

In 2007, with the support of a small group of Founding Partners, the Petasky family established Luxus Vacation Properties, a Luxury Real Estate Private Equity Group. This model would provide them with the lifestyle and financial solution they had been looking for. Today, the Partnership grows based on the common desire by its Owners to enjoy and invest in a myriad of extravagant recreation properties. With each property offering luxurious holidays, the comforts of home, and long-term investment growth potential, their new vacation reality had begun.

Soon after the launch of Luxus Vacation Properties, a bigger picture began to emerge. With a strong management team in place, an expanding infrastructure and dedicated Partner base, ideas began to develop on how they could bring the same guiding principles and values of Luxus Vacation Properties to other new companies that would address additional lifestyle and financial needs. The stage was set and The Luxus Group was launched.

Today, multiple brands exist under The Luxus Group including the divisions of Lifetime Experiences, Luxus Equities and Luxus Developments. All of which continue to support the original vision of connecting lifestyle benefits with financial rewards.